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Widow Words
100 Simple Pieces of Advice from Another Widow
by Marcia A. Curran

A Note from the Author

How could anyone except another widow understand what you feel when your husband dies? Oh, people might think they do, but letís be honest—did you understand before it happened to you? I didnít.

There are no words to describe waking up the first morning after your husband has died and thinking, Iím a widow. How can this be? What am I going to do? Some inner strength gets you through the wake and the funeral, but the days, weeks, and months afterward are full of unrelenting see-saws of emotions.

Iím here to proclaim the good news that you will find happiness again. I am a widow. I am also a journal writer. One day while reading a magazine article about ďaverageĒ womenís journals, I got the idea to write about my personal experiences as a widow based on my ďaverageĒ journals, which I had been keeping for years. Each thought, idea, and practical suggestion has been personally experienced by me. I am not a doctor or a grief counselor. I am a widow who loved and lost her husband.

I know how you feel because I had the same feelings when my husband died.

Here are my widow words, written to help you cope with your loss. May your path back to happiness be a journey without too many detours.

Excerpt fromWidow Wordsby Marcia A. Curran, copyright 2007, published by VanderWyk & Burnham

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