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One Family's Struggle with Learning Disabilities
by Nancy Lelewer
ISBN: 0-9641089-0-5 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-0-9, $21.95, hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9641089-1-2 / ISBN-10: 0-9641089-1-7, $14.95, paperback
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"I stared at the page and total panic gripped me." The author's reaction to her reading test in first grade sets the stage for her book about learning disabilities in her family. Years later she would hear her son Brian ask, "Where is Wednesday, inside or out? I'll believe you when you show it to me." Daughter Kelly is quoted: "I go to school wearing a smile, but in my heart I'm dying." The author describes how she figured out, often on her own, the manner and content of instruction that would provide her children with an appropriate education.

"Written with honesty and passion." —Chicago Tribune

"Inspiring … one of the best books on learning disabilities around." The Book Reader

"Goes a long way to help reduce the needless, corrosive guilt that is often born by parents when their children fail to develop normally." —Howard T. Hermann, M.D.
"May well lay the groundwork for seminal scholarship in the field of learning disabilities." —Parents' Choice Foundation

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