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Debra Stark

In West Concord, Massachusetts, Debra's Natural Gourmet food store is a way of life. Rated one of the top natural food stores in the country, it was founded by Debra Stark in 1989. In addition, Debra is the founder and president of Stark Sisters, Inc., a company that manufactures award-winning, gourmet granolas praised by the likes of Bon Appétit, The Boston Globe, and the Chicago Tribune.

Often asked to speak about food and its connection to health, Debra is frequently consulted by television shows and doctors who call her for natural and complementary alternatives to standard drug therapy. She writes columns on health and nutrition for newspapers, consumer periodicals, and other publications. You can visit her Web page at www.debrasnaturalgourmet.com.

Though she wasn't raised on Kallimos, Debra has eaten naturally since the day she was born, and everything about her life is in harmony with the principles of Kallimos. Kallimos is an island brought to life in the visionary tale Learning from Hannah. It is a place where community life centers around what is natural and good.

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