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About the Authors

Maureen P. Keeley, PH.D. is an associate professor at Texas State University. Her doctorate is in Communication Research. She has taught interpersonal communication for twenty years. Her research and writing explore the power and role of communication in close relationships in the midst of health crises. She lives near Austin, TX.

Julie M. Yingling, PH.D. is a professor emerita at Humboldt State University. Her doctorate is in Speech Communication. During her twenty-five year academic career, she taught extensively and specialized in communication development in children and across the lifespan. She lives near San Jose, CA.

The authors are not only communication experts but also have had final conversations with loved ones, making them well-qualified to research and write this groundbreaking book. The research took the form of in-depth interviews with over eighty volunteers who wanted to share their experiences to help others.

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