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Getting to Know Me, Myself, and I
by Mary M. Bauer

Who am I? That’s a no-brainer question, some might say as they point to their driver’s license and Social Security card—unmitigated proof that they know who they are. But you are more than a human being with a few identification cards in your wallet.
Simply put: you are the greatest miracle ever created. You are much more powerful than you let yourself believe. You can do and be anything you desire. You have the power to create sickness or health, poverty or wealth. You do not have to put up with poverty, disease, abuse, crises, or mediocrity. All the wisdom you ever need is inside you. You are the powerful creator of your reality and as such, what you believe, you will see.
You have three very effective tools that help create the world as you view it. These tools are your thoughts, words, and actions. If used consciously, these tools yield intelligent creation. Life will be a great joy and blessing to you. If used unconsciously—that is to say, if you aren’t aware of what you’re thinking, saying, or doing, you are likely to experience life as a burden that you must endure.
Life is governed by unchangeable universal laws and principles. These laws and principles are strictly mechanical in their workings and do not reason whether something is good or bad. One of these principles is called cause and effect and can be used to explain that if you touch a live electric wire, you will get a shock. It is always this way and never changes. Cause and effect does not reason whether getting shocked is good or bad for you.
The principle of cause and effect applies equally to everything and everyone, including us as human beings. Our thoughts or beliefs are the cause preceding our reality. Our reality is the result (effect) of our thoughts.
For many of us our thinking has become nothing more than an incessant “voice” in our heads that does nothing but complain, judge, and limit. Yet cause and effect cannot veer from its perfect creative structure, regardless of thought quality. Negative and destructive thoughts create a world of the same, just as beautiful and loving thoughts create a joyful life.
To live a life worthy of a powerful creator like you, start with an honest audit of the quality of your thinking. Keep track of every one of your thoughts for five consecutive minutes and you’ll soon discover how perfectly life mirrors what you believe. Guide your thoughts toward your greatest wish for yourself; weed out all those that do not match what you want to see and your world will change dramatically. You really are that powerful.

Copyright 2006 Mary M. Bauer

Mary M. Bauer is the author of The Truth About You: Things You Don’t Know You Know.

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