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Widow Words
100 Simple Pieces of Advice from Another Widow
by Marcia A. Curran

Sample Pieces of Advice

He loved you and you loved him. Simple—True—Precious.

Good friends donít mind if you show up uninvited for a cup of tea and to talk.

Investigate all funny noises in your home. You wonít think itís so funny when the hot-water tank leaks onto your rug. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher and change a smoke alarm battery. Buy a carbon monoxide alarm and have a shutoff put on your washing machine.

Believe in yourself. We all have an inner strength that some people never have to use, but others do. Itís there.

Sell his truck (or car). Even the neighbors feel sad looking at it.

There is no law saying you canít keep your side of the bed even though you could have either side now.

Checking the obituary column to see if anyone else died at your husbandís age is normal.

Think. Donít you want to leave your children and grandchildren the legacy that you had the courage to go on without him?

Our children are our children. Our husband was our husband. Enough said.

Excerpts from Widow Words by Marcia A. Curran, copyright 2007, published by VanderWyk & Burnham

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