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The Truth About You
Things You Don't Know You Know
by Mary M. Bauer



Chapter 1: Life is for you to decide.

Myth: Life is out to get you and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Myth: Earth is a school. You are here to learn life’s lessons and be tested.
Myth: Life’s governing force is “survival of the fittest.”
Myth: Life is bigger than you are.
Myth: Life isn’t fair.
Myth: Life is for living.

Chapter 2: Are you making God too human?

Myth: God cares.
Myth: God is separate from you and superior to you.
Myth: Satan exists.
Myth: God commands you to do his will.
Myth: God judges you when you die, and if you displease him you will end up in hell.
Myth: God does not talk to you directly, but only through special “holy” people.

Chapter 3: Remember your true nature.

Myth: You are an individual separate from everyone else.
Myth: The plant and animal kingdoms are separate from you.
Myth: You can’t control your emotions. If you’re a worrier, you’re a worrier and there’s nothing you can do about it. (See excerpt elsewhere on this site.)
Myth: You are flawed from birth, born into sin, and need “saving” to get into heaven.
Myth: You only have one life.
Myth: As a limited creature who can’t comprehend the complexities of God, accept that there are just some things you weren’t meant to know—so don’t ask.

Chapter 4: Reconsider your childhood.

Myth: You were once a child.
Myth: Children are born as blank slates.
Myth: You choose your friends but not your family.
Myth: It’s not your fault you have a lousy life. It’s your parents’ fault. They made you the way you are. If only you would’ve had better parents . . .
Myth: Some childhood scars are too deep to heal.
Myth: You had fewer rights as a child than you do now as an adult.

Chapter 5: Wellness is your natural state.

Myth: An incurable disease means you can’t get better. You are doomed.
Myth: You can inherit your relatives’ diseases.
Myth: You are what you eat.
Myth: You can’t live forever; that’s why we have disease.
Myth: Stress will kill you.
Myth: Heart attacks are caused by stress.

Chapter 6: All relationships are holy.

Myth: Your relationship with the Infinite is hit-or-miss.
Myth: Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.
Myth: You are a victim. You know someone who is a victim.
Myth: You know more than some people know.
Myth: You can hurt someone or be hurt by someone.
Myth: People are exactly as they seem.

Chapter 7: Create the life of your dreams.

Myth: You can’t have what you want.
Myth: The universe tests your resolve.
Myth: There’s never enough time to do what you want.
Myth: It’s your karma to keep repeating past mistakes.
Myth: Miracles are few and far between. You are not a miracle maker.
Myth: How you think, you live.

Chapter 8: Recognize the fear illusion.

Myth: You are not enough.
Myth: You are replaceable.
Myth: Death exists.
Myth: The world is a scary place.
Myth: Your life is less than perfect.
Myth: Failure exists.

Chapter 9: Happiness is a choice.

Myth: Happiness comes from being successful.
Myth: The rich have it easy.
Myth: Things happen for a reason.
Myth: You must work to earn a living.
Myth: Insights and thoughts are the same thing.
Myth: There’s no such thing as true happiness on earth.

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