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Reading Group Guide

Front of the Class
Brad Cohen with Lisa Wysocky

1. What did you know about Tourette syndrome before reading Front of the Class?

2. Do you personally know someone who has Touretteís or has a loved one with Touretteís? How does their condition evidence itself? What effect does it seem to have in that personís daily living?

3. Has reading this book made you look at people with disabilities any differently (or, to look at your own disability any differently)? What can you do to help others with disabilities?

4. Did you identify with someone in Brad Cohenís life, and if so, who (Brad, his mother or father, his brother, his friends, his school principal or other teachers, someone else)?

5. What do you think Bradís students learn about life when they have Brad as a teacher?

6. Brad started taking on leadership roles after becoming a member of Bínai Bírith Youth Organization. What skills did this help him develop, and how else did it help him?

7. Interviews are tough enough without tics and prejudgments getting in the way. Do you have an unhappy story where you experienced a similar closed-mindedness in a potential employer? How was your interview similar to or different from Bradís experiences?

8. Brad mentions several times in his life when he has depended on the American Disabilities Act, or at least shown his ADA card as backup. In what way(s) has the ADA been helpful to Brad, in your opinion?

9. How has Brad been a good citizen or helpful to others?

10. Name five adjectives, or describing words, you would say belong in a description of Brad Cohen as an individual, as a teacher, or as a friend.

11. While his book was still being written, Brad met the woman he eventually proposed marriage to. He proposed just before the book was published, while they were taking a ride in a hot-air balloon. How does this event ďfitĒ the Brad you came to know in the book?

12. What do you think Bradís coauthor, Lisa Wysocky, may have contributed to the book?

13. What audience(s) do you think Front of the Class is written for? Do you think youíll be recommending the book to others to read, and if so, why do you think they would benefit from reading the book?

14. Was Brad Cohenís story inspirational to you personally? If yes, in what way?

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