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A Year of Sundays
Edward D. Webster

1. What does the title A Year of Sundays mean to you? Could the title just as easily have been A Year of Saturdays? Why?

2. From the very beginning—the prologue—we know that this is not an ordinary travel book. What dimensions does Ed Webster bring to the story of their grand tour that make this an unusual travel book?

3. Marguerite suffered from the physical and emotional repercussions of perimenopause. Ed found himself on shaky emotional ground, too, and queried, “…forty-nine-year-old men don’t have menopause. …Do they?” How would you answer that question in Ed’s case? What life passages was he going through?

4. Travel has its own inherent stresses. What additional stresses did Ed and Marguerite have or bring to their trip?

5. How would you describe each of the Websters? What aspects of the story support your ideas?

6. How important to you as a reader were the different places Ed, Marguerite, and Felicia traveled? What part did they play in your enjoyment of the book?

7. Did you have a favorite locale from the Websters’ trip? What made it special?

8. Some of Ed’s photographs introduce the different sections of the book. How do the photographs support the different tones that suffuse the book?

9. What role did Felicia play on the journey? Was it the same role for both Ed and Marguerite?

10. Who were some of your favorite local people whom Ed and Marguerite met? What is it about them and the episodes involving them that make them memorable?

11. How would you describe Ed and Marguerite’s relationship? Did it change over the course of their journey?

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