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If Kallimos Had a Chef
Natural Recipes for a Natural World
by Debra Stark

Why Kallimos?

Kallimos is an imaginary island where life is simple and kind. Kallimos grew from the life experiences of William H. Thomas, M.D., who shares his vision of a better world in an adventure tale called Learning from Hannah: Secrets for a Life Worth Living. Dr. Thomas portrays a society where the wisdom of elders creates goodness, and a land where the comforting cycles of nature are revered.

I [the author, Debra Stark] keep trying to remember what I felt the first time I read Learning from Hannah. I remember I was profoundly moved and determined to behave, think, and feel differently toward the world around me. I remember feeling grateful, too, to my parents because they encouraged me to appreciate individuality and to respect that which I may not understand.

The people on the island of Kallimos live simply and naturally, something I've tried to do all my life—especially with regard to food. While other kids took Twinkies to school, I brought fresh pineapple or dates stuffed with peanut butter. My mother served us organic oranges she picked alongside our friend Mr. Ogeltree. She made whole grain bread with nuts and seeds. My mother would have been right at home on Kallimos.

Characters in Learning from Hannah use stories to teach the lessons of Kallimos. In particular, I loved the stories about community, about growing, preparing and sharing food because I believe natural foods are part of a simpler life and a simpler time. Natural foods nourish body and soul, and the small moments when one shares a simple meal with family or friends are as important as the birth of a child or the death of a loved one.

Excerpts from Learning from Hannah appear as part of the section openers in this cookbook. They will give you a glimpse of Kallimos. The people you'll meet include Bill and Jude, a couple shipwrecked on the island; Hannah, their teacher; Haleigh, the village gardener and Hannah's teacher as well; and Zachary, one of the children on the island.

Now go and find joy and comfort in these recipes.

Debra Stark
Summer 2001

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