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But This Is My Mother!
The Plight of Our Elders in American Nursing Homes
by Cynthia Loucks

Author's Prefacexiii
1It's Pretty Bad1
2From Now On9
3The Long and Winding Road27
4No Turning Back41
5Reweaving Old Threads 53
6No Glory65
7Total Care81
8Missed Opportunities and Moments Seized97
9To Eat or Not to Eat107
10Finding Our Way117
11Just Call Me Sisyphus129
12There IS Somebody Home143
13On a Wing and a Prayer157
14Fractured Care169
15Slipping Away183
16The Full Moon Sets195
17Pushing, Pulling, and Just Standing Still209
18Hope Rising219

Appendix A: Selecting a Nursing Home
for Your Loved One
Appendix B: Working with a Family Council240

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