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Breakaway Laughter
How to Lighten Up—Despite It All
by Nan L. Crockett



The Cast
(Looking in the Mirror)
Gumming Up the Works
(Controlling Assessments and Reactions)
Digging for Gold
(Redefining “Normal” )
The Beginning
(Finding Value in Turmoil)
School Days
(Asking for Help)
Running Away
(Seeing Danger in Procrastination)
Diplomacy and First Impressions
(Setting Boundaries)
(Giving Trial and Error Its Due)
Our First Pet
(Taking Time to Grieve)
Waste Not
(Desensitizing the Hot Buttons)
Creative Sandboxes
(Assessing Events on a Sliding Scale)
Fueling Disaster
(Discovering the Silver Lining)
Sleepovers: Forgetting, Forgetting, Forgetting
(Using Imagery)
Building a Better Snow Shovel
(Choosing the Healthier Self-Talk)
Building a Better Snow Shovel: The Sequel
(Overcoming the Victim Mentality)
(Challenging the “What If?” Fears)
Neighbors and Other Pest Control
(Taking Cues from Nature)
Bear Essentials
(Giving “Wireless” New Meaning)
Soup’s On
(Releasing Expectations)
The “D” Word
(Finding Humor among the Ruins)
The Other “D” Word
(Eating Right and Exercising)
The Beast
(Taking Depression Seriously)
Perils of the Grape
(Arriving at a Place of Surrender)
MDs, PhDs, and People with No Ds
(Managing Expectations)
Living in the Light?
(Finding the Optimistic Perspective)
No, I’m Not
(Advocating for Change)
Nothing Personal
(Letting Unkind Comments Roll Off)
The Home Office
(Shifting Priorities and Getting Creative)
Staking Our Claim
(Getting by with a Little Help from Our Friends)
New Growth
(Seeing Ourselves in Nature)
Forgive Them
(Releasing Hatred or Anger)
(Living with Passion)
Conversations with God
(Making Sense of Life)

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