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Mary M. Bauer

Mary M. Bauer is a full-time professional writer. This is her fourth book, though it is her first book on the topic of spirituality and self-empowerment. (Other books have been regional to Minnesota and Wisconsin, and on the topics of hiking and day trips.) As she wrote in her preface, “I had to write this book. It’s been building inside me since I was a child. Reminding you about how special you are--how everything you think, say, and do matters greatly--and helping you remember how you control your reality is my purpose; it is the miraculous force driving my entire being.” Her dream goal, which ties in with her belief that our thoughts and feelings contribute to our illnesses is—No more cancer on earth. Her favorite quote, by Richard H. Nelson, is—“Never let yesterday use up today.”

Mary is married to her high school sweetheart, Ken Bauer, and together they have raised two children, both now grown. The Bauers live in a small Wisconsin town about an hour’s drive from St. Paul, MN.

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