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10-My mother won't discuss end-of-life issues.  
11-My mother can't manage her checking account
account any longer, but she refuses my help.  
12-My sister volunteered to take care of my mother,
and now she refuses to let me help.  
13-My father refuses to wear his hearing aids, even
though he insisted on getting them.  
14-My mother treats my brother like a god, but I'm
the one who does all the work.  
15-My father wants to move in with us, but my
husband is against it.  
16-My father insists on taking care of my mother,
but he is not able to, and they both are suffering.  
17-My parents fight like cats and dogs, and now my
mother won't take care of my father.  
18-My brother and I disagree with our stepmother
about putting my father on life support.  
19-My mother is going to a doctor I think is a quack,
but she refuses to stop seeing him.  
20-My father's public behavior embarrasses me.  
21-My mother is no longer stable on her feet, but she
insists on climbing on chairs to reach her cabinets.  
22-My mother moved in with us, and it's not working.  
23-My sister is stealing from our mother.  
24-My mother's handyman borrows money from her
and doesn't pay her back.  
25-My father's frequent phone calls are just too much.  

The Caring Partnership
6.Avoiding Blunders—Preventing Problems Before They Arise  
7.Working with Your Parents—More Dilemmas and Their Solutions  
8.The Assisted Living Option—Points to Ponder  
9.In a Nutshell—Guidelines for a Caring Partnership

Appendix A: Assisted Living Checklist  
Appendix B: Notes for My Own Situation  

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